Chiropractic Adjustments Relieve Arthritis By Allowing Joints To Move Without Friction!

What should you do about arthritis?

Osteoarthritis (OA), the form most commonly referred to as arthritis, is a degenerative condition. That means it will get worse with time if you don’t treat it.

OA is basically a result of friction in a joint. Just as an alignment being off on a car would wear out the brake pads and the rotors and so on, improper joint mechanics in the body create faulty movement patterns.

This causes friction on joint surfaces, leading to the erosion of cartilage and eventually to the bones (often referred to as a spur).

When wear and tear makes its way to the bone, the body’s response is to make MORE bone. This is not a clean, healthy bone with a spongy cartilage surface that moves nice and free, but rather it makes a jagged course bone that will lock up and get inflamed.

This is a defense mechanism by the body to protect the bones from breaking and chipping away. The body will change tissue types in an area that is under frequent abnormal stressors. When this happens in the skeletal system we get OA.

The good news is that you can prevent and treat it.

By keeping your joints freely moving without friction through chiropractic adjustments, we can continue to use our bodies as we desire without the negative effects of repetitive joint stress.

At Greenwich Wellness, we adjust EVERY joint in the body, so this is not limited to the spine.

A lot of patients ask me how come they never knew any of this after we get done educating them on their health. My response is usually along the lines of “how many aisles do you see dedicated to pain/arthritis in a drug store?” Is there money in the cure?

Arthritis is not normal with age (as so many are told), it’s not a disease you simply catch, it’s not a terminal condition, and it’s MOST CERTAINLY NOT AN ADVIL DEFICIENCY!

Take your health into your own hands by getting your joints into line!

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