Chiropractic Testimonials

"The relief begins the moment you step inside their office. These miracle workers are so well suited to provide relief and corrective adjustments for misalignment in any part of your body. I never considered that a chiropractic adjustment on a foot or hand would have any therapeutic value. Dr. Massoud knows what needs help just by manipulating joints & muscles in your arms, legs & neck. The cracking sounds are an audible clue you’re about to feel less pain! This allows me to focus on more enjoyable things in my busy lifestyle."

- Tom K.

"Always a lifesaver! Fixes and maintains my back. Very professional and knowledgeable Dr. & staff! The best around!!!"

- Matthew G.

"I highly recommend Greenwich Wellness. I have gone to Greenwich Wellness for years and Dr. Massoud and his entire staff are wonderful. Dr. Massoud can often tell just by the way I'm standing what is giving me trouble. His office also provides other helpful treatments such as acupuncture and deep tissue therapeutic massage."

- Cynthia R.

"I love the office and the new appointment system. Everyone is friendly and there is never a wait."

- Greg P.

"Dr. Massoud is caring and very attentive to his patients needs. He has been helpful with relieving my pain."

- Jenny H.

"My appointments every two weeks and doing all the daily exercises Greenwich Wellness gave me to do, have allowed me to have less pain and no need to take any pain medicines!"

- Paul M.

"Adam and his staff are the real deal. They helped me in just 3 sessions from both back and neck pain. I have set up appointments every 2 weeks to stay out of pain. I think what they do is a miracle!"

- Stephen G.


- Monica W.

"After hearing a glowing review from a friend, and a solid week of torturous migraine head aches I went to see Adam and his team. After a few sessions I can honestly say I have never felt better. I have been headache-free for months and I owe it all to Adam and his team."

- Daniel M.

"Amazing…it’s like getting cured from pain every time I go! Couldn’t function without Adam’s treatment! Just wish I had time to go more often!"

- Sarah K.

"My entire family has been seeing Dr. Massoud for years and we are all avid sports people. Without him and his expertise we would be (especially me being middle aged) having surgery to correct problems! He is a phenomenal Doctor and I always say he puts Humpty Dumpty back together every time. I highly recommend him and his staff and we will be forever clients of his."

- Marion S.


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