Solution to Pregnancy Pain Relief in Greenwich CT

BABY DON'T HURT ME: Dr. Massoud's Simple Solution to Pregnancy Pain Relief in Greenwich CT

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Different adjustment techniques in Greenwich CT can relieve pain and turn malpositioned babies.

GREENWICH, CT (September 5, 2023) – After experiencing an influx of patients in need of prenatal care, Dr. Massoud of Greenwich Wellness has observed an increase in the demand for prenatal pain relief and nutritional support. A common complaint among patients was the malposition of their baby (either breeched or transverse), which can be easily fixed using a specific technique that, in Dr. Massoud’s experience, typically takes 1-2 So treatments.

By the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy, it’s important to begin keeping an eye on the position of the baby. As it gets closer to delivery, chiropractic visits should become more frequent to ensure the mother’s body is in alignment and the birth canal is fully open and ready.

Dr. Massoud has been in practice for nearly two decades, throughout which he has cared for a countless number of women experiencing the aforementioned issues. Getting routine adjustments throughout pregnancy not only eliminates these issues, but it may lead to an easier delivery. The birth canal is formed from two halves of the pelvic bones coming together, which is prone to change throughout the day, causing it to close. A birth canal that is not fully open may result in back pain, as well as a c-section.

From a nutritional aspect, Dr. Massoud advises against traditional prenatal vitamins as they are typically full of heavy metals and toxins (like food dyes) that are known to cause developmental disorders in children. Instead, he recommends Standard Process’s General Health Box and Folic Acid B12.

Patients Share Their Experience in Greenwich CT

"So treatments. grateful to Greenwich Wellness for helping cure my back pain and helping me be comfortable throughout my entire pregnancy! I was worried about having back pain as the baby got bigger, but Dr. Massoud was able to fix it and I was pain-free. He also kept the baby and my body in optimal positions for delivery! Thank you thank you!"

- L. Carroll

"Greenwich Wellness has been a tremendous support throughout my pregnancy helping me flip my baby from a breech position on multiple occasions, resolving my lower back pain and foot pain, calming my mind, and helping me prepare for labor. The holistic, science-backed, and noninvasive approach they take to ensure balance and alignment is achieved really works. They are a must-have addition to any expecting mom list of healthcare providers."

- L. Jacobs


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