The Link Between Hormone Changes During Pregnancy and Back Pain in Greenwich CT

The Link Between Hormone Changes During Pregnancy and Back Pain in Greenwich CT

The Link Between Hormone Changes During Pregnancy and Back Pain in Greenwich CT

It’s no surprise that pregnancy comes with hormonal changes and discomfort. But did you know they’re directly linked?

Between 50-80% of women experience back pain during their pregnancy in Greenwich CT. For some, it causes a mild inconvenience. But for others, it can become chronic and even debilitating 10% of the time.

Adam C. Massoud works with women during pregnancy at Greenwich Wellness in Greenwich CT. As an experienced chiropractor, he offers safe and noninvasive therapies to help ease pain and discomfort during and after pregnancy.

In this blog, Dr. Massoud explains how hormone changes during pregnancy often cause back pain and how chiropractic care can offer relief.

Pregnancy hormones and back pain in Greenwich CT

The body goes through countless changes during pregnancy. It’s easy to focus on the obvious things you can see, such as how a growing baby changes your posture and center of gravity. But hormones are often the culprit behind all of those aches and pains, especially in the low back.

Throughout a pregnancy, specific hormones are at work preparing the body for a baby to pass through the birth canal. Part of this process involves relaxing ligaments in the joints of the pelvis, which makes it more flexible.

However, when the joints and ligaments become too flexible, pain can set in, especially as the uterus grows heavier, changing your center of gravity. And, as your spinal alignment shifts, it puts even more strain on your spine and lower back muscles, increasing discomfort in the area.

Finding relief for lower back pain during pregnancy

You may not be able to control your pregnancy hormones, but you can safely manage pain during pregnancy. In fact, studies have shown that 75% of patients receiving regular chiropractic care during pregnancy experienced pain relief.

Dr. Massoud specializes in chiropractic care treatments that are safe for pregnancy. There are numerous benefits to these specialized adjustments, including:

  • Restoring spine and pelvic alignment, which can help ease pain
  • Improving space for your baby to grow, reducing the risk of congenital abnormalities
  • Making it easier for the baby to assume the correct delivery position, decreasing the chances for front-facing or breech delivery

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Massoud also offers other health-promoting therapies to support your pregnancy, not just those that address pain. It all starts with an in-depth consultation so he can create a personalized pregnancy care program, which could include nutritional advice, stress relief therapy, and acupuncture. And your pregnancy care doesn’t stop with your delivery.

After you have your baby, Dr. Massoud can continue to provide care to support the health of you and your baby. When it comes to you, he can address any issues resulting from the birthing process and help you heal well. When it comes to your baby, he can address issues like digestive problems, colic, and ear infections.

Are you pregnant and experiencing back pain? Dr. Massoud can help you feel well again. To learn more, call (203) 637-1111 or book an appointment online with Greenwich Wellness today.


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