A Word On Treating Chronic Pain Using Chiropractic Care And Natural Treatments

A Word On Treating Chronic Pain Using Chiropractic Care And Natural Treatments

Research Suggests That The Rise Of Natural, Non-Invasive Therapies Used In Combination Is Generating A Decrease In Prescription Medications And Producing Faster Results For Patients.

A Word on Treating Chronic Pain Using Chiropractic Care and Natural Treatments

Research suggests that the rise of natural, non-invasive therapies used in combination is generating a decrease in prescription medications and producing faster results for patients.

Everyone's health journey is unique and conditions can be wide-ranging.

Whether you have a cavity, broken bone, or a history of cancer in your family -- most of the time it's best to be proactive about your health.

There are many natural treatment methods that can be used in collaboration with traditional methods to help treat any condition and sometimes these natural methods are more effective with less harmful side effects.

When treating a more serious health condition I most likely will incorporate nutrition.

For those in cancer treatment, the journey can be less harsh on your mind and body when incorporating a holistic approach and a combination of natural health care services.

I've used cold laser therapies to alleviate pain and acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, and nutrition to rid the body of toxins.

In my experience, this process speeds up recovery and produces better results for my patients.

Regardless of your current situation, my best advice is to remove harmful lifestyle choices and products.

Ingredients to avoid in food:

Ingredients in beauty products to avoid:

Everything from cleaning supplies to cosmetics and food should be evaluated.

Along with this, any product that is petroleum-based should be avoided. Botanical house cleaning supplies are far safer!

Most importantly, eat food that is free from pesticides and hormones. Basically, eat an organic diet without processed foods and refined sugars.

Dr. Massoud's recommended brands:

At Greenwich Wellness we always work to get the body’s natural detox pathways activated.

Chiropractic care stimulates our body's lymphatic system and assists in the removal of toxic substances.

This is a therapy that may be used in the prevention and treatment of chronic illnesses.

Proper alignment of the body's musculoskeletal structure, particularly the spine, will enable the body to heal itself -- without surgery or medication in some cases.

Also, when acupuncture is used alongside chiropractic care, it really helps patients who are undergoing a variety of conventional treatments, including chemotherapy as it calms nausea, helps with body aches, and promotes restful sleep.

The combination of these two natural therapies helps to directly activate the organs of detoxification like our spleen, liver, kidney, and intestines.

Another service that I suggest my patients incorporate into treating pain is a cold laser.

This holistic therapy is safe and very effective for the pain associated with injury or illness.

I've been successful in using this technique with patients at Greenwich Wellness that are treating so many complex issues including the conventional treatment of spinal, colon and breast cancer.

The feedback that I've received is that laser alleviates pain better than prescription medications.

Remember, holistic treatment works on the cause of the symptom and not only the symptom so we'll sometimes see a much faster result.

Treatments that I recommend outside of the Greenwich Wellness office include infrared and chelation.

A sauna using infrared light is a modern technology that can powerfully aid in detoxification.

The radiant heat from infrared saunas surrounds the body and penetrates deeply into joints muscles and tissues to increase oxygenation and circulation which helps rid the body eliminate harmful toxins. We need to remove these toxins so that the body can heal.

This effect is not achieved in a conventional sauna, as the heat does not penetrate as deeply.

Along with the detox benefits of infrared saunas, there is a very strong sense of relaxation, and soreness is greatly alleviated.

Check out these infrared saunas in Greenwich:

Chelation therapy is a chemical process in which a synthetic solution is injected into the bloodstream to remove heavy metals and/or minerals from the body.

This is important in healing illnesses like cancer and as a preventative to cancer treatment as heavy metals destroy the body and tie themselves closely to the fungus in the GI system which research is now showing to contribute to 85% of cancer cases.

As we are starting to see that chronic pain and illness begin in the digestive tract, metals need to go and detoxification along with the right nutrition is at the foundation of natural health care.

Once I'm able to detox my patients, I use a nutrition plan that might incorporate garlic, parsley, cilantro, zeolites, and Hawthorne as they are great examples of chelators.

I prefer to detox my patients for three weeks (21 days) when treating more aggressive conditions.

I also use tissue photomorphogenic for the specific tissue type affected by toxins.

These oral plant-based supplements are patented products that are unique to each organ and serve as DNA like signals to control the proliferation and behavior of our cells.

These specialized supplements help speed up the detoxification process which allows me to alleviate symptoms of chronic illness.

Herbal medicines are also useful in helping anyone heal and relieve pain. Some examples are; burdock, echinacea, cats claw, eleuthero.

These can be purchased at our office or over the counter at Whole Foods.

Another issue we didn’t cover is fluoride.

Fluoride is a known neurotoxin and a byproduct of the aluminum industry. It has no place in our bodies so home water filtration systems are essential preferably reverse osmosis with an ionization system.

Along with clean water, it’s wise to use fluoride-free toothpaste, Auromere (auromere.com) is a wonderful brand and is botanical, also available at Whole Foods and Fairway.

We are mostly water, so make sure your source is not laden with chemicals found in tap water.

I'll leave you with this; nothing replaces the benefits of an active lifestyle, physical fitness benefits the mind and the body in countless ways.

Remember, when you sweat you are detoxing.

Be mindful of the foods and nutrients you incorporate into your diet, and to treat injury or illness -- think health care the way nature intended.

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